Draw Near


About Draw Near

“Jesus himself drew near.” (Lk 24:15)
God takes the initiative to Draw Near to you out of a deep and personal love for you. This movement asks each of us for a response. There are so many beautiful ways we can respond to the workings of Christ in our lives. Draw Near will discuss many personal, theological, and spiritual topics pertaining to Christ’s Church.

Hosts: Fred Shellabarger and Kara Kardell
Fred is a husband and father of 5. He is on fire for the Catholic faith and loves teaching his children about the love of God. He enjoys playing board games with his family and doing "fixer-upper" projects around the house.
Kara is a wife and mother of 2. She was raised Catholic, but really FELL IN LOVE with the faith later in life. She loves fried-food and wine date nights with her husband and dance parties in the living room with her kids.
Both have Master's degrees pertaining to the Catholic faith, BUT a degree does not a Saint make! We are all striving for holiness and sainthood no matter our education or life experience. St. Therese rings in our minds: "She was not, however, nourished by scholarly studies; nevertheless she had so much knowledge by herself that she knew how to show others the true way of salvation." -Benedict XV.
We want to bring people to the heart of Christ through a deep movement of the heart ("heart": which requires knowledge of the faith in our intellect and a movement of the will towards He who is truth and goodness). Let's grow towards sainthood together!